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How Do I Sell My House Fast In Alabama?

Our whole business model is based on making the process to sell your home fast, easy, and at no cost to you. No agents, fees, commission, financing approvals, showings, or appraisals. We take away all the things that make selling a house seem stressful. How does that sound?

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How Do I Sell My Property In Alabama

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How Fast Can I sell My House In Huntsville

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How Does Selling My House Fast REALLY Work?

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We Buy Houses In Huntsville Al

How Much Can I Sell My House For?

As an engineer of 10 years, I love formulas. They are always right, never lie, and give meaning behind their values. Below is the information we use to determine the value of your home.

We Will Gather Some Details On Your Home

Calculate Our Renovation Cost and Value Of Your Home After Repairs

Determine Value of Home After Repairs

Use Our Formulas To Determine What We Can Pay and Still Profit

All Cash Offer On Huntsville Home

Sell Your Home With A Guaranteed No Low-Ball Offer

We won’t give out absurd low-ball offers. In fact, we almost refuse to give you an offer at all. Instead, we listen to your needs and let YOU tell us what you want for the house.

No Tricks When We Decide To Buy Your House

The offer your receive is already based on our assessment of your property and the best price we can do to still make a profit. Some home buyers will lock you up on a much higher purchase price and then renegotiate once under contract acting like it wasn’t planned.. when in fact that was their plan all along.

We want to buy your house and are motivated to do so. We don’t drive all around town and taking all your calls just because we like to. We realize that if it doesn’t work for you then we are wasting our time.

How Do You Know How Much My House Is Worth?

Our Offers Are Based On The Numbers

Let’s break down the process of how we determine what is a number that works for us:

We Calculate the Fully Repaired Market Value:

 This is how much we believe the house could sell for after all of the repairs are completed. This is market-driven by recent sales of similar properties in your neighborhood or nearby. There are many aspects we are considering when coming up with this value.

Year Built

Bedrooms & Bathrooms

Square Footage

Lot Size


Extras: Garage, Porches, Etc…

We Subtract Out The Repair Costs:

This is the cost to complete any repairs and updating the property to be in line with the quality of recently updated homes in the same neighborhood. This would be in line with the homes we used to determine the Fully Repaired Market Value.

We Subtract Out Our Selling Costs:

After your home is remodeled, we will have to list it on the market to sell to your everyday home buyer. After agent commissions and other various closing costs, this typically comes out to about 8-10%. When we buy your house from you, you won’t have to pay these fees!

We Subtract Out Our Profit:

After all this is a business and we do need to make a profit so that we can continue doing business and doing what we love. This number varies based off of a multitude of factors, primarily including risk, level of work involved to rehab it, and the overall value of the property. Typically we are aiming for around 20% of the Fully Repaired Market Value.

Home Buying Cash Offer Formula

[Your Offer]=[Updated Market Value]-[Update Cost]-[Selling Cost]-[Our Profit]

House Buying Example Offer:

Fully Repaired Market Value: $189,000

Let’s say we come out to look at your 1350 sq ft. home and there are 3 very similar houses that have been updated and sold between $130 – $150/ sq ft. We will take the average of that range ($140) and multiply it by your square footage of 1350 to get a Fully Repaired Market Value of $189,000.

Repairs & Updates: $65,000

Based on our own experience or the look-over from one of our reputable contractors we determine the cost to do the repairs and update it to the standards that the 3 other similar homes we used to comp your home sold at. So let’s say in this case, we realize that we need to put $65,000 of work into the house.

Selling Costs: $19,000

Once this house is ready to be resold as retail on the MLS, we will have to pay all the agent commissions and closing costs that you are skipping, it will come out to around 10% of the purchase price which in this case would be around $19,000.

Our Profit: $35,000

Finally, we have the minimum profit that we need to make for it to be worth it for us and continue to run our business that gives sellers like you this easy option to sell your house fast for cash. For a house like this, we would want to make a minimum profit of around $35k.

In summary, this is how we put all that together to calculate your offer price:

How Much Can I sell My House For In Huntsville

Ready To Know How Fast And For How Much You Can Sell Your House?

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What happens after I accept your offer to buy my property?

It’s So Easy…

As soon as you sign the purchase agreement, we immediately take the paperwork down to a reputable Title Company who are known for closing fast.

The Title Company Does 2 Main Things:

They double-check that any liens are on the property are taken care of and that the title is clear. In simple terms, just make sure you can legally sell us the property free and clear.

They legally control the whole escrow process and guarantee you get paid what we told you. Even though we never intend to not pay you, it should give you peace of mind knowing there is a legally bound 3rd party overseeing the whole process.

We work hand in hand with the title company to make sure we get everything cleared up ahead of time and in the fastest way possible.

Once everything is in order, we are clear to close!

We can provide an option for you to sign them virtually if witnessed by a notary.

We send the money directly to the Title Company and once they have verified that everything is good, they will send us our documents, and send you your money.

Disclaimer: We attempt to buy as many houses as we can because we love transforming them. But there are times that it is just too much for us to handle due to too many active projects going on at once or we just don’t have the immediate access to the capital we need. In these situations, we do have a very active group of real estate investors within our network that we tap into in order to buy the house in our place. This is no extra work for you and just involves us assigning the contract over to them for a fee for doing all the work in finding you and getting the process started.

Never hesitate to contact us!

I can promise you no question is a dumb question and whatever question you may have someone has asked it before. Most of them can probably be answered in the FAQ’s but if not just give us a call and we are always willing to explain what is going on.

How Long Will This Whole Process Of Selling My House Take Anyways?


For the most part, we leave that up to you! How fast do you need to sell your house? Do you need time to get out? Do you need the cash fast?

We can close as fast or as slow as you need us to.

From the time that we have a signed agreement…

We can buy your house in as little as 7 days.

We can wait till you’re ready... sometimes you just need to get your ducks in a row.

If you aren’t ready to sell now, just let us know and we will follow up whenever you would like. We want to make the process work for you first.

Why Sell My Home To You Instead Of Listing With An Agent?


There are multiple options available when it comes to selling your home and one of them is listing on the MLS with an agent. This MAY be the best route for you depending on what your ultimate goals and needs are. You are going to get a top dollar price when you sell your home, but that comes with more headaches and also doesn’t always equal more money in your pocket.

Take a look at a comparison of selling your house to us as opposed to selling with an agent…

Sell To Us

You pay 0% in commission and NO fees.

We cover ALL closing costs.

Close as fast as 7 days or when YOU want.

Sell in “as-is” condition without making any repairs.

No formal inspections. We only have our contractors or partners walk through the home to evaluate the properties value.

No open houses or endless walkthroughs. One time, maybe two…. and that’s it!

No appraisal or financing contingencies. We are buying your home for all cash and know the value of the home when we give you an offer.

List With A Real Estate Agent

You typically pay 6% commission to realtors.

You pay 2%-4% of the sales price at closing.

Closing can take 60-90 days from when you list.

You may need to make some repairs to bring your home up to market standards.

Many buyers will request an inspection, which can drop the sale price or potentially even result in more repairs you were not aware of.

Sometimes there are 20+ showings and open houses before a home is sold.

An appraisal could potentially come back lower than expected, forcing you to lower your sales price if your buyer can’t cover the difference.

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Other Sellers Have Loved Working With Us. We Are Sure You Will Too!

We Are Cash Home Buyers in Alabama

At Yellowhammer Home Buyers we value honesty, integrity, and transparency. We eliminate all of the drawbacks that come with selling your house the traditional way in Alabama. We do not rely on lender financing– we have our own cash. We buy as-is and close on your timeline. Unlike agents, we do not charge commission or fees. If you need to sell your house fast, we believe we are a great option! We are ready to buy your house right now, and it all starts by filling out our form. Then just relax and let us take care of the rest.

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